Reading 'Kindness Magnet' always brightens up my day! I appreciate this, and thanks for sharing my recent post.

In keeping with your theme, I found this video of the Ukraine Military Band Playing ' Don't Worry Be Happy ' In Anticipation Of Russia Offensive In Odessa. https://youtu.be/nqeCZMy5GUE

Have a good week!

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This is so important to remember:

“It’s really tough….. pretty much impossible…. to see someone else in a positive light until we see ourselves that way. When you like yourself, when you are OK with just being you, when you are kind to yourself, then….and only then…. your heart and mind can be open to having empathy for other people.

You can look at others with more compassion. When you stop being critical of yourself, you create the power to stop being critical of others….and that allows you to reach out to others with kindness, not judgement.”

I touched on this same revelation in an article about facing life’s difficulties:


“It’s an interesting observation that if we feel satisfied and happy with our lives, then being kind to others and ourselves is quite effortless. […] More happy people means more kindness to go around. Therefore, the world needs you to find a way to feel satisfied with your life, and to be happy. So look again. Isn’t life wonderful?“

Peace and happiness starts with yourself. 🤗

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