Mar 14, 2022 • 6M

Be the 'I' in Kind, Create Your Own Kindness Loop, You've Got This

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Daily Kindness Habits you can use to attract more opportunities, better relationships, health, and happiness.
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Kindness is the universal language that anyone can understand.”

Photo: Lilia Anisovych/PA

I think almost everyone has heard the expression, “There is no I in Team.” But these past few weeks have reminded me how important it is for each of us to be the “I” in Kind.

It’s a fact that we all feel better when we are kind to each other. When you are kind, your brain produces serotonin and dopamine, and these neurotransmitters make you feel good.

And this creates a kind of ‘kindness loop’….when you feel good you are more likely to be kind and when you are kind you are more likely to feel good.

I think I have just invented an actual perpetual motion machine of kindness. Ok, maybe I didn’t invent this. It could be science.

This whole perpetual kindness loop thing may sound easy….and you know there is a ‘but’ coming here…..but it’s actually a little trickier than it sounds. At least, those first few acts of kindness.

It’s because kindness isn’t just about being passively nice. Kindness is an action. You actually have to do something. Doing kindness may mean coming out of your comfort zone, doing something you aren’t really used to doing, taking a risk.

Kindness takes courage. When you are kind to someone, there is always the risk that your kindness may not be welcomed. You’re taking a chance. You’re putting yourself out there. And this is why it’s so important that, before anything else, you need to be kind to yourself.

It’s really tough….. pretty much impossible…. to see someone else in a positive light until we see ourselves that way. When you like yourself, when you are OK with just being you, when you are kind to yourself, then….and only then…. your heart and mind can be open to having empathy for other people.

You can look at others with more compassion. When you stop being critical of yourself, you create the power to stop being critical of others….and that allows you to reach out to others with kindness, not judgement.

So, back to the kindness loop.

If you are ready to take action…. kindness action…. then you are ready to set your mind on the intention or desire to show kindness to others. By creating that ‘kindness intention’, you will actually be more likely to notice those moments when your kindness is needed and you can make a difference for someone else…. and for yourself. That’s the kindness loop in action.

Amelia, singing “Let it Go” in a Kviv shelter.

The science of kindness is real, but doesn’t it become so much more real when we can see it in action?

Meet Amelia Anisovych, a 7 year old girl sheltered in an underground bunker with hundreds of others in Kviv. Amelia loves to sing. So she decided to share her voice, to brighten spirits, to bring a little happiness and diversion to others in the shelter.

Listen to Amelia… Ukrainian soldiers performing next to a bomb crater… David Martello playing piano at the Ukraine border.

You’ll be happy to know that, after 6 days in the shelter and 2 days crossing Ukraine, Amelia and her 15 year old brother and their grandmother crossed the border safely into Poland. Her parents have stayed behind to help provide food for the forces defending Kviv. (Kindness is courage)

We’re witnessing a lot of heartache right now. But we’re also seeing so much kindness. Are you ready to create your own kindness loop? Today is a great day to start. You’ve got this!

May your week be filled with kindness. 💜

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