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About Me

Heather Johnston Brebaugh, author: Kindness Magnet

Hi, I’m Heather Johnston Brebaugh.

I’m a former educator, consultant, and author who co-founded 3 start-ups based on the principles of kindness.

I write the #1 newsletter that focuses on helping you develop the daily habit of kindness, all backed by scientific research.

Kindness isn’t just about being a do-gooder or paying it forward (although those are fantastic things to do). My newsletter, Kindness Magnet, provides useful daily kindness habits to help you attract more opportunities, better health, relationships, and happiness.

Why do I write Kindness Magnet

Research shows that one kind act leads to another, creating a ripple effect that can have a positive impact on thousands of lives. I hope that my work will start a kindness ripple, beginning with you.

How My Work Can Benefit You

As the scientific community does more research, they are discovering incredible benefits of kindness, both psychologically and physically.

I am exploring this research and looking for ways to easily apply these results to your life.

I explore topics like:

  • How to reduce stress by practicing kind acts

  • How to combat heart disease with kindness

  • The compounding effect of kindness

  • Building kindness into your identity

  • How to be happier

  • How to reduce depression with kindness

  • How to build work relationships through kindness

  • How to combat negativity with kindness

  • How to improve your friendships

  • How to be more competent at work

  • How to open up career opportunities

Research shows that you can learn kindness skills and build your own Kindness Identity. Imagine the power of a life of kindness in thought, communication, and action.

My personal journey into the benefits of kindness is changing my life for the better every day. I hope you will jump on board and become part of the kindness ripple!

What you’ll get

Each Monday, delivered to your Inbox 📩…..

  • Read stories of people, just like you, who use kindness to get healthier, uncover more opportunities, improve their relationships, and lead happier 😊 lives. Take inspiration from their examples to learn how to create your own daily habits of kindness.

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  • Start your day on a positive note with a Gratitude Thought

  • Learn the science 🧪 behind kindness and why developing daily habits of kindness may be the most important thing you do. Ever.

  • Try out tips to help you develop your own kindness habits, so you can improve your health, relationships, success, and happiness, one day at a time.

  • Learn how to build your own, unique Kindness Identity. Kindness in thought, communication, and action.

Join the Kindness Magnet community and help start a Kindness Ripple around the world!

On a Personal Note

  • Married with 5 children, 9 grandchildren

  • Avid gardener; my apologies to those plants 🌻 that I have killed along the way to learning how to garden.

  • Trying to play better golf ⛳; not an easy task, but hey, someone has to do it.

  • Animal lover; our yard is visited by deer, rabbits, javelina, roadrunners, humming birds, lizards and other critters 🐍. It’s a joyful menagerie, every day.

  • Sometimes called Assertively Kind; I think this is a good thing. 💚

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The #1 newsletter about useful kindness habits, backed by science. Get a new edition every Monday morning🌞with useful kindness habits that you can use to attract more opportunities, better health, stronger relationships, and lasting happiness.


Heather J Brebaugh
I am in love with Kindness. I research the scientific benefits of kindness and then write about how useful kindness habits can improve your health, relationships, opportunities, and happiness.